1.Massive defense contractor. Whom currently has large no-bid contracts with the government.

2.The former company of Vice President Dick Cheney's, he is believed to still be on the job.

2. A company that makes profit from wars of it's own creation.

3.The real leaders of the United States Government.

4.The Empire from Star Wars.
* After Cheney became CEO, Halliburton made money by bulldozing orphanages in third world countries to make chemical weapons plants to use on kittens.
-Some website
by The last sane man. June 07, 2007
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A provider of Infrastructure and Oil Services. Used by the Clinton Administration extensively during the 1990's as well as by the Bush adminstration in the 2000's, most notably by providing laundry and meal services to brave troops serving in Iraq.

An excellent company to invest in. Stock price has tripled in three years. Recent two for one stock split.
If unemployed libs dumped their life savings into halliburton three years ago, they'd have tripled their money and could afford to move out of their parent's home.
by leo cuban July 26, 2006
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