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A person who originated from the Northeastern region of the United States (where it is commonly very cold and overcrowded), moved to Florida (where it is commonly very hot and overcrowded) and subsequently moved half-way back to the Northeast in hopes this unexploited region would provide cheap lobor and moderate weather. It seems their final choice in residence depends heavily on the route they took during their original migration to Florida, as the majority of halfbackers reside within a short drive of I-75, I-24 and I-81. Halfbackers often exhibit distinguishing traits such as the formation of densely populated communities, cultivation of foliage indiginous only to Southern Florida and an ironic nostalgic view of life in both Florida and the Northeast.
It's best not to argue with a halfbacker as they have seen much in their exstensive travels and are likely to be far wiser than you.
by crzy4flight June 10, 2010
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