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The term half a virgin was used in the movie Mean Girls. You are a half virgin if you have given or recieved oral sex but have not had actual sex.
Regina: I was "half a virgin" when i met him
by averybabi July 10, 2006
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You become 'Half-A-Virgin'... or use the excuse, because you've tried VERY VERY VERY hard to remain pure. But have this one experience when a dick 'may or may not have' entered a place it wasn't supposed to.

Hence, you are 'half'. It was in there, but not long enough for it to take away your virginity.
Person K: So has anyone ever had a PIECE OF YOUR PIE?!
Person A: No. I'm Half-A-Virgin.
Person K: How is that possible?!
Person A: Maybe you should check out UrbanDictionary, to answer that question.
by Dark Allie March 28, 2010
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When the guys penis is so small that it doesn't break the girls hymen, thus causing her to still be a technical virgin.
Debbie: So how was it last night?
Susan: I'm a half-a-virgin now.

Debbie: Oh, I'm sorry.
by newsiestoosies July 04, 2010
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Someone who takes it up the front but not the back or the back and not the front
Lexa is half a virgin because she takes like 4 dicks up the booty but not the front
by b00p November 24, 2007
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