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Kikin, a nickname commonly used for Fransico's. Kikin's are often seen as highly intellectuals who love to invest in gel companies since they purchase the most product for their jizzed out hair, similar to a hairy chode on its period. Kikin have a hard time excepting the truth, especially when it comes to girl rejection. Kikin's usually have some bomb ass friends who are the fucken greatest and he looks to them for spiritual guidance. They are awesome at smash bros and occasionally hit up wendy's for some fucking out of this world bomb ass chicken nuggets from the dollar menue because all they carry are 1's since they are steady tippin bitches.
Alisa: Did you see that guys jizzed out hair?

Bitch 3: Yea, I think they call that a Kikin.

Alissa: Oh Shit! Girl lets go cuz hes heading this way

Bitch 4: Hey, werent you guys talking?

Alissa: We were until I met his sexy ass friends, Bruzr n Titanic, who owned me in smash bros. That Kikin needs to get off my nuts, i think hes texting me right now!

Kikin: Why? Why? Just love me
by Playa_Co June 16, 2008
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Pronounced kike-ing or kike-ed.
Can be said like "you steady kikin it."

For someone to be jewish with something or some item of theirs and not sharing it. Being stingy. Only used when high.
Anthony - "yo lemme get some of your iced tea i got mad cotton mouth."

Joe - "no way. fuck off."

Anthony - "you steady kikin it!"
by wizndmac August 19, 2010
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a name defined herself as cheerful girl but have annoying laugh
B : You laugh like KIKIN
via giphy
by your roommate <3 April 23, 2018
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