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A great actor who is very successful at playing a wide variety of characters. Best known for his roles in Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, and Armageddon.
"Yippee ki-ay, motherfucker!"
by SAOG January 15, 2005

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The best thing to happen to computers since the cd-rom drive!
"HL2 is un-fucking-believable!"
by SAOG January 15, 2005

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The maker of the best staplers on the face of the earth. Famous for the use of their red stapler in the movie Office Space.
"I believe you have my stapler"
by SAOG April 22, 2005

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An air/space unit in the PC game 'Starcraft' that is used by the Protoss military forces. It is a slow moving behemoth of a captial ship that, instead of attacking with its own weapons, launches small robotic strike-craft called interceptors that it manufacturers in an internal factory. Used by many Protoss commanders to dominate far away planets. The carrier is now in-famous as a rushing weapon most commonly deployed by 'newbs' on Blizzards online competition arena Battlenet (see Carrier Rush).

I've always liked the carrier as a support unit. I admit to summoning them in masse' during the early days of my Battlenet career to attain cheap and tasteless victories, but I do not have shame using them as they were intented to be used.

"In Ressurection IV, a Protoss ship that may be a carrier is seen firing an immensely powerful beam from its underside as a planetary bombardment weapon, burning the surface of Braxis. A Protoss vessel, possibly a Carrier, was also seen in the introduction cinematic for the original Starcraft game, obliterating a Terran salvage vessel with a similar weapon.

While such bombardments were used against Chau Sara, Mar Sara and Antiga Prime, it's not clear if Carriers fired upon those planets as well.

Rumors indicate that the weapon fired used by the carriers on those instances was planned to be included in the game as a counterpart to the Terran Battlecruiser's Yamato Cannon, but later, this idea was scrapped due to the power given to the Protoss in the form of Psionic Storm."

-Source For Rumor- 'Wikipedia.com'
The Protoss Carrier is quite a force to be reckoned with.

Player 1: "0mg j00 n00b fuxored me up with j0r cheap a$$ carriers!!!!"

Player 2: "Carrier ftw!"
by SAOG October 18, 2005

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A phrase commonly used to add a level of extremity to a state of being, emotion, or action.
"Damn... my mom's gonna be madder than a muthafucka!!"

"Make me a sammich bitch, I got da munchies like a muthafucka!"

"Shiiitt! That fool's fightin' like a muthafucka!"
by SAOG April 20, 2005

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To posess a weapon of some kind, usually a firearm.
"Yo foo get heated! We goin fo a drive-by!
by SAOG November 02, 2004

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A song by Britney Spears that not only sound good, but is accompanied by an ultra-sexy video that will make even the queerist of men blow their loads all over hell and half of Georgia.
OMFG Britney Spears was hawt in Toxic!!!
by SAOG April 09, 2005

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