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A hairy nip is like a purple nurple, It invloves squeezing a vicims nipple. More advanced hairy nipperes will twist or pull the nipple which results in more pain for the victim. Hairy nip is short for hairy nipple, but became hairy nip after the trend caught on and became more commonly used. When giving a hairy it is traditional to say "hairy nip!" Its only polite.
"OW! i just got hairy nipped!!"
"My nipple hurts after that hairy nip."
by Joe..... June 26, 2006
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What Russian women use to attract their men folk.
Remember the first time we met in Stalingrad, when you accidentally put one of your hairy-nips in my glass of vodka?
by Jack Diddly Squat December 07, 2003
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a group of people, bound by their hate for hairy nipples and people who have them. quite elite and occasionally bitchy. dont take shit from no-one. have fun doing anything.

in summary; the funnest sexiest people in the entire world.
"i tried to get in the hairy nips, but my nip hair is too long"

"i love them individually, but together the hairy nips are really bitchy"
by niphairsupreme July 25, 2008
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