A type of gun trigger that requires a very small amount of pressure to respond.

Also can be defined as someone with a very short temper
"That .357 has a hair trigger"
by Deepfizzle April 05, 2006
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Friend 1: Where's Sara?
Friend 2: She's in Nate's room
Friend 1: Oh, she won't be long. That boy's got a hair trigger
by GHB June 21, 2006
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You hear of the long and strenuous crap battles that ppl have (Clinton had constipation that lasted a month, Randy feels like vommiting after pushing out his shit but gets nowhere). This word is for the people that take fairly quick shits, your in and out in a jiffy. You get the relieving feeling of emptying out your bowels but in a timely and concise manner.
You see that guy over there.....he is a hair-trigger shitter, he holds the record for shitting as quick as possible.
by goq2 September 05, 2007
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When the automatic bathroom stall flushers flush every time you slightly shift your weight, even though you haven't finished yet, causing gross water to splash up.
Guy1: Dude? Why did you flush so much?
Guy2: The stall had a hair trigger flush and it kept splashing shit water on me.
by calvinke April 02, 2010
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This term is used by jim lahey, the trailer park supervisor on trailer park boys. It is one of his many shit analogies used through out the show.
"You idiots have loaded up a hair triggered double barreled shit machine gun and it's pointed at your own heads". The rights to the quote is property of trailer park boys.
by Dr. Phillip Shetrom June 16, 2014
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