A young girl who has been through hell but won't ever show it. She could light up a whole room just by smiling, she's the life of a party. She keeps the darkest secrets that no one dares think of. She so mature for her age it's unbelievable. She's rare because even though she been hurt to many times by this world she's chooses to always see the good even if there is more bad then good. She will hold onto that tiny piece off light and never let go because that is a tiny piece of hope. She the kind of girl who would do anything to keep her friends or loved one happy, but no one sees her eyes screaming for help because all they see is a smile and that's good enough. Every night she sits in her room crying her eyes out. No one hears the silent crys it's like the walls are soundproof, She's breaking, she's dying slowly every day she wakes up. Look into hailies eyes even if she's smiling because it all fake. She the girl who will smile even if her mind is screaming at her or that voice in her head that's telling her she's not good enough. Her eyes never matchs her smile. She's a fighter. She's what makes the world beautiful but also she shows how the world is so ignorant.
Guy 1: her smile is so beautiful

Guy 2: something off about her
Guy 3: did u see how she smiled it doesn't look right
Guy 1&2: yea I notice she looks broken her eyes don't match her smile.

Guy 3: isn't that Hailie?
by Unspoken words October 15, 2017
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Hailie is a girl thats really nice to everyone unless you get on her bad side. She will do anything to see her friends happy, she has pretty eyes and a nice body. She wont tell people when shes hurt she often crys herself to sleep cause she thinks she isnt good enough. She is that girl who is breaking inside but hides it with a smile.
Him: hailie seems a bit off today

2nd guy: yea she does but she will be alright lets go play basketball .
by Monkey_Girl202002 February 21, 2019
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Hailie is what you use as a spy when you need to know something you ask your hailie. In some circumstances you could marry your hailie or even be sexually active with your hailie. Over all an agent of mass destruction
I need to know what keren said.....ill just ask my hailie
by Waterjose June 18, 2018
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A very beautiful, talanted, hot looking girl who love to play around. She is there for you whenever your down or hurt. She is a nice person unless you get on her bad side. She will love you for who you are. She is not afraid to express herself, because she is unique in her own way. She is very smart and loving and caring. SHE IS PERFECT!!❤
Guy1: Damn whos that hottie over there?!?

Guy2: Oh that hottie is Hailie
by Gabriel is the best May 10, 2017
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Really really sweet , a total people person, smart, cute and funny. Gorgeous eyes and face. Everybody wants to be her. Amazing personality!
Guy 1: Wow she's so amazing! What's her name?

Guy 2: Oh, that's Hailie. She's like super smart and hott!

Guy 1: That explains why her name is Hailie...
by beethovenkicksbutt January 28, 2011
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A very beautiful girl with the best personality ever and she is the best girlfriend any guy could ever ask for
Dude Hailie is the best girl ever
by Damianyount2413 November 23, 2016
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A gorgeous girl that will blow your mind. Perfect body. Medium boobs, bubble butt, and loooong legs. Very nice girl. great personality. Beutiful face, eyes, hair. Amazing at everything she does. If only i could have her.
boy: "Damn Hailie, can I get with you?"
Hailie: "I have a boy friend, but we can all hang out sometime."

Girl: "OH sorry Hailie. I didn't mean to bumb into you."
Hailie: "It's okay. Do you need any help?"
by itistwattis April 08, 2010
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