In Basketball it is when you shoot a what you think is impossible shot.
I shot a buzzer beater Hail Mary to win the game
by DANGNABITDUDE November 19, 2016
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Taking a dump in the filter about the toilet. Not allowing it to flush and stinking up the bathroom.
*in a fast food restarunt*

"Hey man ill be right back, i gotta take a dump"
"Drop a Hail Mary here! they wont know why the bathroom smells like crap!
by Aquiles Jose January 24, 2012
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The action of putting your hands together as if praying then when somebody is bent over you push your hands up their ass causing brutal short term pain if done correctly
Tom was Hail Maryied at lunch and he had to walk like a duck for the next 20 minutes
by piggyfiddler420 January 17, 2021
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1st Wipe's a Charm

When you go number two and wipe once, but there are no stains on the toilet paper.
"Hey GodsPrototype, guess what just happened when I took a massive dump in your toilet?"
"I know, a Hail Mary. Am I right?"
"Hallelujah. I've got a golden buttocks"
by GodsPrototype December 12, 2014
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When you shove anal beads up someone’s ass so much it goes into it's stomach.
Bob: “Hey Johnny what did you do this weekend?”

Johnny: “Well, I found a pair of anal beads in my girlfriends room”

Bob: “WTF?”

Johnny: “yeah but I gave her a Hail Mary after and now she knows who her daddy is”
by Thicc daddy Derrick February 17, 2021
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Your teacher has assigned several homework assignments whose due-dates are spaced out over the course of the semester. You don't bother to do any of them. The night before the final, you realize what a mistake that was, and you hurriedly do all of the homework assignments in succession. On entering the final exam, you plop the lot of them on the teacher's desk, unceremoniously and without explanation. This hail-Mary hand-in subsequently becomes an object of incredulity and amusement among your teacher's colleagues.
Can you believe that Dwayne D. pulled a hail-Mary hand-in on me at the final? He must be delusional.
by schlouk February 3, 2012
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A pass made at someone in a last desperate attempt to win their heart
After repeated rejections, Ken made a hail Mary pass at Meghan who'd already told him she'd rather drink battery acid than go out with him. hail Mary, desperate attempt, forlorn effort, last ditch try
by Michaeladt January 19, 2016
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