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A prestigious k-12 private school founded in 1899 in Tarrytown, NY (Westchester county). The only school in the Ivy Preparatory School League that extends outside of the 5 boroughs of NY--Trinity, Dalton, Collegiate, Poly Prep, Fieldston, Riverdale, & Horace Mann all reside in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx respectively--which means for sporting events we get to drag city schools all the way out to Westchester just to woop their asses.

Hackley is known for its rigorous, respectable academics and amazing athletics. Notable teams include: Girls Varsity Soccer, Wrestling, Swimming, Track, and Lacrosse.

Also, Hackley is adored for its gorgeous hilltop campus and classic tudor architecture.

"Hey did you see who won the Ivies swim meet for the 6328239th year in a row?"
"Hackley Hornets!! DUH"

"yo did you hear that horace mann guy scored a 2400 on his sat?"
"uh so did 2/3 of the hackley seniors..."
by prestigeworldwide1010101 January 21, 2010
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A private school with students who are believed to be smart becuase they go to a private school. The truth is it is not actually that difficult to get into Hackley, and many of the students are not actually that smart. Many Hackley students believe that everyone wants to go to their school. This is not true. Almost everyone who does not go to Hackley thinks that Hackley students are annoying snobs. Hackley boasts of great testing scores, but in reality, they dont make the top 10 schools in the East Coast. While there are some nice Hackley students who are modest people, there are also Hakcley students who are lazy and annoying. Unfortunatly for Hackley, it is the annoying students who are the most well known to the outside world. Hackley students live in their own little bubble, and when they go off to college, they get a shock when they see what the outside world is really like as their bubble teaches them nothing about what real people are like or gives them any real life experience in general. Their sporting teams and testing scores are average in reality, but becuase they are a private school it makes them look better than they are. Hackley has just as many students who don't continue on to college as any other nearby school.
Person 1: Hey look, that kid's shirt says he is from Hackley!
Person 2: I can tell just from watching him walk around like he's perfect.
Person 1: Hey look, that kid's shirt says he is from Hackley! But he is actually helping out and being nice! What's going on?
Person 2: Actually, a few Hackley students are nice, but everyone assumes all Hackley students are snobs becuase some of them are. It sucks to go to Hackley and get judged like that.
by ninjagirl19 October 27, 2011
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Hackley from the outside world: a private school where rich snobs go to school and get free lunch with their ΓΌber expensive tuition. Hackley students think their school is great and that they are way better than everybody else. they are considered to have over-rated test scores and sports teams. All kids there live in enormous mansions that one could get lost in, and all families have at least one Mercedes, one BMW, and one Porsche. They all hold snob parties where they make out and which are ridiculed for how amazingly not bad-ass they are.

Hackley from the inside: by far the best k-12 school, public or private. They have sports teams with great records and they are undefeatable. They all have remarkable test scores. They all hold expensive and fabulous parties at which half the people there make out with each other, making them bad-ass.
Dude that kids from Hackley, he's obviously the owner of that porche, and is obviously a snob.
Dude, he's from Hackley. He definitely is smart, and he must be really good at sports.
by Qwertymnbvc123 January 18, 2012
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