it means u stole someones acc... n in this case.... e-mail acc.
i'm a hacker. I hacked The Return of Light Joker's e-mail.
by The Return of Light Joker December 25, 2007
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Anyone who wins against you in a video game.

1) This allegation can always be used to cover up the fact that you don't have that perfect win record. 2) Even the victory of AI (computer-controlled) enemies can be ascribed to hacking.
1) Nice Gamer: hey congrats on winning your last 79 out of 100 games
Pissed Gamer: i woulda won 100 if it wasnt for those hackers

2) Pissed Gamer: i hate single player games!

Nice Gamer: but i thought you liked Skyrim
Pissed Gamer: i used to, but those fukin' Draugr are a buncha hackers!
by Vindicator Phoenix February 05, 2017
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1) A person who uses his computer knowlegde to their advantage
2) A person who thinks they're awesome if they annoy the crap out of people in games by using cheat engine
3) A person who is really talented at a game (mostly referred to as "hacker" by jealous people.
1) The hacker got access to all the protected files
2) OMG dude you are hacking the score can you pl0x give me some points too?
3 This dude no scoped me 3× in a row. Je must be a hacker. I am sure.
by CyrinPlays May 22, 2015
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/hækə(ɹ)/ • orig. "hack" + "-er"

1 A person educated or especially self-taught in the use of computer hardware, software and networking, as well as other electronic and/or telecommunications devices, information technology and computer science.

2 a polymath specializing in technology, especially that dealing with computers and communications. A (computer) geek.

3 Someone with the skills to crack (i.e., gain electronic access to) another computer or node on a computer network, but chooses not to use them, unless in the capacity of a penetration testing technician for the purpose of informing the system's owner/administrator of a security hole.

4 Synonym for white hat or grey hat. (a black hat would be a cracker).

5 Often used incorrectly to mean a cracker (i.e., a hacker who uses his skills for mailicious and/or usu. illegal purposes or monetary gain. An Internet cowboy.

6 Someone who hacks. A hacktivist.
Hackers have become incensed by the media's incorrect and inflammatory use of the word hacking to refer to cracking.
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by Frosztbyte May 06, 2016
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One who has a special ability (but doesn't think so) to hack codes and collect confidential information.
One that can do acceptionally anything with codes and computers.
Very intelligent people who can probably exceed in skills such as Mathematics,Art,And technology.

Most hackers are lonely (have no friends) some hack for fun some hack to get revenge.
WHOAH dude look at this awesome hack that I made!(is talking to computer)
Aww I forgot to put in the dang graphics.
I think I'll call this one the Gibson File.(hacker)
by 73ThunderBird March 17, 2015
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A hacker is a well-coder who some how gets into apps, websites, games and other stuff
Hacker: I will hack you
You: ya right
Hacker:(does hacks)
You: oh god
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by J$5909 September 12, 2017
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A popular excuse used by salty noobs that can't get any kills; a word most likely to be used by little 12-year-old fgts. Usually used in online FPS gaming.
Pro: *kills whole team alone*
Noob: Hacker!
by Zwiste September 05, 2016
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