2 definitions by frogbootycheekz

Another lame youtube celebrity that post random videos with greenscreen thumbnails. Like most celebrities on youtube he will be forgotten or quit in about 3-5 years or so like sxephil , lonelygirl15 , pruane2forever and many more.
Troll: Lulz Lulz, raywilliamjohnson post moar!!

Noob: Thumbs up if RWJ brought you he--... wait?

FakeCamWhore: Hmmm bored, any guys wanna chat?
by frogbootycheekz November 24, 2010
The cunt that ruins every online game invented.
They tend to waste 90% of their time in their mom's basement finding ways to hack mw2 or gta4 ruining the fun for everyone rather than getting a girlfriend or just playing the game. Also, sometimes hacks websites or even bank accounts instead of getting a job. See Loser
Hacker: Lolololol instead of me going outside ima h4x gta4 and 1 hit everyone. LOL!

Dumbass: WTF? H4X!

Personwithlife: Yawn* I'm done *Logs off
by frogbootycheekz December 25, 2010