A website where unsuccessful entrepreneurs with egos waste time browsing articles and websites, created by wanna-be entrepreneurs with even bigger egos who are trying to build a following.

A place unknown to financially successful entrepreneurs.
Hey Mr. Cuban, did you see that post on Hacker News? <crickets>
by The (Real) Hustler December 27, 2013
A website where over enthusiastic programmers and entrepreneurs ("hackers", as they call it) gather and rediscover old ideas thinking they are novel and congratulate each other in the process. They have "curious" conversations, which is a euphemism for a contest of who can use the most convoluted sequence of words to describe terrible ideas that go nowhere. They share articles and news stories with each other, with the added flavor of grandiose commentary. There is ritual of babysitting new users and reminding them to be gentle and not commit heinous acts such as challenging their terrible ideas.
OMG, I can't stop laughing at this comment thread on Hacker News. Are these people serious?
by CrazyDev November 15, 2021
A BIFI website run by faggots and populated by faggots and faggot wannabes, who think being a hacker is “cool”; not realizing that hackers are the lowest form of techy existence and are always lower than dirt.
Dade: Look at this Jonny! Hackers have shared code on Hacker News on how to program a butt plug!
Jonny: Wow! Let's get f*cked in the a$$! Hacking is f*cking COOL!!!
by OffBeatDrummer May 7, 2022
A shitty company run by Indians that offers Indian service in America. 'Nuff Said!
Tommy: So, this Hacker News website looks like it's from the 80's. Yes, I mean from before the Internet was born.
Jonathan: That's because it was created by Indians. It's as ugly as Bollywood movies, what else did you expect?
by OffBeatDrummer February 21, 2022