Someone in the film industry, usually a director, who works on projects solely for financial reasons, rather than creative reasons. It is not about a filmmaker who is simply bad. That is a common misconception.
Jon Peters is such a hack, all he cares about making the film marketable, and not about the characters.
by ajhoax October 02, 2008
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A hack is a deeply insulting term that has no connotations of race/culture, sexuality, religion, or gender. Calling someone a hack is a way of saying that person should be excommunicated and put to "social death," which is why comedians that fail on stage feel as if they have been put to, "death." That is why the term hack is generally reserved for bad writers but is also used more colloquially to refer to anyone who claims to be someone that they are not.
He told his girlfriend that he was going to be the lead actor in the play, but when she learned that there was no play--she called him a hack.
by Rosebud2939 September 20, 2016
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A hack is a type of person, who in any sport, fouls (aka "hacks") other players incessantly. Hacks are usually slower, less able, and all around worse athletes than the people they play with. Hacks typically deny that they are hacking other players by quoting cliches such as "It's part of the game" or "Football is a physical sport", etc. Hacks also get into fights often, since they are fouling, and thus angering, other players, but denying the act. Hacks are also, ironically, the ones who call the most fouls, especially if you push/hack them back.
Person 1:"Man, every time I try to cut, he grabs my arm!"
Hack: "It’s a part of the game, football is a physical game you retard!"

::next play::

Hack: Man why did you push me! That’s a foul!"
Person 1: "You've been pushing and grabbing me all day! I don't want to hear that shit!"

A fight ensues.
by Pete Quinn September 16, 2006
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- An individual that unintentionally makes life difficult for others.

- A troll that has somehow justified their actions and doesn't think they're actually trolling.

- Someone that doesn't take responsibility for their actions and it negatively affects the group.

- A joke of a person
Mike - "Yo did Chris put in money for the restaurant bill?"
John - "He said he didn't have to because he only bought a soda"
Mike - "He's a hack"

Chris - "Did John throw up in the bathroom and not clean it up?"
Gabe - "I'm not sure but if so that was a hack move"
by Nino Carlos May 04, 2013
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A political appointed flunky who either doesn't want to work or who is so stupid they can't work
That new Assistant Commissioner Martha appointed is a real hack.
by Phakebox August 08, 2005
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n. two or three holes "hacked" into the ice at each end of an ice curling rink to give the sweepers somewhere to rest their brooms. Also:

v. what smokers do while curling, which is one of the few Olympic sports where smoking is allowed during the game.

Throw some end-raise take-out weight and I'll sweep from the hack!

Hurry hard!
by gnostic1 October 03, 2011
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All the definitions here plus:
As an acronymn for Horses Ass Carrying Keys. Prison slang referring to a prison guard.
Put your pig sticker away. The HACK is coming!
by Dohmnuill December 30, 2004
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