The beginning of the word HOVA in ebonics: H to the izz O - V to the izzA
(Jay-Z consideres him self as the JeHOVA of rap)
by king Dingeling July 20, 2005
"Hova," a clever word play on the name, Jay-Z, and the Hebrew word for god, Jehovah ("By the way, I will also be adding the sound "izz" to several words in this song in order to sound like Snoop Dogg")
"HOVA" there
by h to the C'izzo December 2, 2003
Kizznids, remember to say nizzo to drizzugs, exercizzize, izzeat rizzite, and drink a shit load of h to the izzo.
by Nick D March 9, 2003
i downed a half-gal of monarch last night and i didn't eat anything all day

damn you must be h to the izzoed right now
by FTWest October 31, 2009
HizzO>>HOE Its a Hoe, Whore, a woman who will give her body easily.
Monica L. is a H to the izzo
by HOE DADDY August 8, 2005