C'mon people get wid it. Izzo is O. Izzay is A. Jay-Z is from Brooklyn and like Biggie loves word games. Jay-Z calls himself HOVA, HOV, Hovito etc. Hova (in all its forms) is short for Jay-Hova. A stylistic nickname derived from Jehova. Therefore, it can be argued that Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) is God of the rap game.
Izzo = O
Hizzo = Ho
by Teddy Love from up Above September 15, 2004
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From Jay-Z's H.O.V.A. ... izzo means "O", Izzay means "A", as in H to the Izzo, V to the Izzay, HOVA.. Jay-z's nickname. Jay-Z is aka William H Holla, Hova, Hov', Hovito, Young Hov, Sean Carter
H to the Izzo, V to the Izzay, what else can I say about dude, I gets busy...
by Greg December 27, 2003
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from Jay-Z's song "H to the Izzo"... chorus lyrics are as follows: "H to the Izzo, V to the Izzay..." which is an extended form H to the O, V to the A... standing for H.O.V.A. -- some gangster place I don't know of. Izzo means O. Put "izz" in front of any letter and it means that letter.
How do you spell dog?
D to the izzo G
by Anonymous February 23, 2003
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Yes,yeah,yea,yeh,hello; any greeting;hello,wasup.
Izzo brizzo!: wasup bro!
Izzo brizzo wats da bizzo?!: wasup bro wats da buissness?!
Dats Izzo.:dats wasup.
Did u have fun? Izzo.:did u have fun? yeh.
by Spyda Man July 11, 2008
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A word from a Jay-Z song. A side note that H.O.V.A. is not a place but a shortend version of Jehova a biblical character i.e. Jehova Whitnesses
by Anonymous June 4, 2003
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The green stuff you pick out of your nose.
"Gomez has mad izzos in his nizzos" said Bobby Hill to the Tick.
by Yulika Madiqa September 25, 2006
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