When someone has a strong sexual attraction to green things, people, animals, etc...
me: matthew why did you give shrek a blowjob

Matthew: because im a gyrosexual
by ilikegreendick February 21, 2017
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the act of liking the color green in a sexual manner
Matthew: Please give me a green gyrogasm daddy.
Matthew is a gyrosexual
by greenismylife June 19, 2019
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Someone who is sexually attracted to the colour green.
Gyrosexual Jason: *moan* oh ya. I wanna fuck this cucumber all night long. *slurp*
Fucking Billy: Holy shit guys. That girl with the green hair is so hot. (the green haired girl looks like this: bitly2kcAAO2)
by GyrosexualDegenerate January 21, 2017
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A person with a strong sexual attraction to people, things, or animals of the colour green
Matthew you can't shove a green marker up your asshole! YOU STUPID GYROSEXUAL
by Hungryfogreendaddys January 19, 2017
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A gyrosexual is a person who is sexually aroused by the colour green and
MATTHEW!! Stop trying to have hardcore anal with cacti they aren't interested... (sigh) you dumb gyrosexual.
by Greenfeelsgoodinmyass January 23, 2017
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People (mostly named Matthew) who are easily sexually aroused by anything of the colour green
MATTHEW!!! It's not okay to shove whole avocados up your dick hole... you stupid gyrosexual
by Greenfeelsgoodinmyass January 28, 2017
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