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A jerkass who tries really hard and cocky in gym class to look important or cool
"I'm the greatest quaterback ever!"

"What a gym hero"
"Wow your cool now"
by Jack Daniels and trashman February 14, 2005
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A gym hero

is the guy who is a member of a gym and

NOT an gym employee who always runs up to new members and offers unsolicited advice.
They will approach men and women claiming that they are performing an exercise incorrectly and/or with bad form.
They also offer advice on dieting and cardio as well.
Many are doing this to promote their personal training side hustle and in most cases they have never competed in any Powerlifting and/or Bodybuilding competitions what so ever.

This is an epidemic in any medium or large gym all over the world.
Gym Hero:Excuse me, you are doing that exercise wrong.
Female member: I am?
Gym Hero: Yes, let me show you how its done.
Femamle member: OK?
Gym hero: Here is my number is you need any further assistance.
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by atlxtreme September 27, 2018
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