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A gym hero

is the guy who is a member of a gym and

NOT an gym employee who always runs up to new members and offers unsolicited advice.
They will approach men and women claiming that they are performing an exercise incorrectly and/or with bad form.
They also offer advice on dieting and cardio as well.
Many are doing this to promote their personal training side hustle and in most cases they have never competed in any Powerlifting and/or Bodybuilding competitions what so ever.

This is an epidemic in any medium or large gym all over the world.
Gym Hero:Excuse me, you are doing that exercise wrong.
Female member: I am?
Gym Hero: Yes, let me show you how its done.
Femamle member: OK?
Gym hero: Here is my number is you need any further assistance.
by atlxtreme September 28, 2018
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Gymtimidation is when someone is very insecure about them selves and they feel threatened by others in the gym who are in good physical condition.

Many people do not go to the gym because of this as well.
Many who are gymtimidated take another persons serious look on their face while they are working out as a threat and feel gymtimidated.

They also feel that everyone in the gym is staring at them but in reality, no one is paying them any attention
Gymtimidation: Is the fear of others who are in better shape than they are.
Much of this fear is generated from the victim himself

want to go to this new gym but I know there will be muscular guys in there in better shape than me....
but Im Gymtimidated.
by atlxtreme July 14, 2016
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A gym star is someone who works out on a very regular basis but the ONLY workout for vanity purposes ONLY. Their workout consist only of bench presses and curls. No leg workouts for them.
(This type of workout is called he "nightclub workout")

They do not participate in any sports in any capacity. They also do not work out for "health" reasons as well.

They do not compete in Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Recreation Sports of any sort.
They just simply want to look big and tough when they go out to night clubs,

Stand out at the grocery store and walk around as if they are carrying luggage.
And they hate on ANYONE who is in better shape than they are.
John: "Man....George comes in the gym 7 days a week. Does he compete or anything?"
Mike: No, he is just a gym star. Never played sports in his life.
he just does this to try pick up girls. He does not work nor does he go to school either.
by atlxtreme June 1, 2015
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