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His name means wonderful god , the savior of people and the a hero. He has great strength and very masculine. Very ambitious. Very attractive and handsome. Beautiful eyes and has a good hearted soul he gets into lots of fights and always ends coming out on top. When he has a passion he masters it. He's an all around talented person. Great personality. He is someone u can trust and count on , he will always have your back and love u but don't cross him because you may pay with your life. He always protects his own he is like a lion who protects his pride. He will let nothing happen to family and friends. He would give his life to make sure his loved ones are safe. If you should ever encounter a Gyasi , keep him close he will be very loyal. If your a lucky women to encounter a Gyasi he would be your best mate and love u forever just never be disloyal to him for he will not forgive u.
by Raphy March 15, 2017
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