A slang word for the strange thing found between (most) womens legs.
Your gwop smells.
You have a hairy gwop.
She has a fat gwop.
Wow look at that fat, hairy, smelly gwop.
Her gwop is fuzz free.
Some gwops come from brazil others from the amazon.
by Justin Latrine September 21, 2006
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Girls Without Panties. (GWoP)

This game was created at a football tailgate when almost 40 girls were spotted CLEARLY not wearing any panties.

See Rules, Scoring, and other information on Flickr:

flickr com / groups / gwop
I saw a GWoP on 6th Street, showed my friend, got her photo and scored three points!

I wonder how many GWoPs we'll see at the fireworks show.
by GWoP June 10, 2010
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This acronym stands for 'Grammar Wrong On Purpose'. For those who have Grammar Nazi's on their forums (or are a Grammar Nazi themselves), add this at the end of a post when you are deliberately using improper grammar to make a point or be humourous.
hahahahahah I r le3tzor!!!111!! you can't stop me nahw!
by Betan_LeClaire July 2, 2009
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Pay Day.
Getting to the money today.
Today is a good day to get paid gwop day!
by Dottiedoesit February 11, 2019
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a form of Hip-Hop found in the northern states such as Michigan.SWAG-RAP
Chilla started Gwop-Hop.
by chilla pertilla September 18, 2008
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Nicholas Madrigal professionally known as Lil Bruh Gwop is an american singer, songwriter, and model. A true pop artist at heart, but more outspokenly, a modern day musical genius with a great voice, clean lyrics and them electronic Myspace beats. The music is often heard in collaboration with the arts of lil skil, aka rainy bear on those type of beats which is exactly what defines Lil Bruh Gwop.
Jessica: “Hey you know who Lil Bruh Gwop is?”

Evan: “Who?”

Jessica: “Lil Bruh Gwop, is an american singer songwriter, and model known for the collaborations with lil skil

Evan: “Oh yeah! I remember.”
by W_K_JP January 15, 2022
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Best known for his collabs with rainy bear, a experimental electronic-pop legend that makes timeless music sound effortless as his ghostly voice carves through any track or recording they are on. One of the most musically gifted hard working, influential musicians that have come out of the USA in really long time that actually writes their own music.
Person 1: “Yo, you heard of Lil Bruh Gwop?”
Person 2: “Who?”

Person 1: “That one cute singer Lil Bruh Gwop!”
Person 2: “Oh yeah! I have listened to his songs with rainy bear.”
by justiceforpeepforever February 24, 2022
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