A brilliant super-hero alter ego! Based on the massive amount of cum one can guzzle.
Eitan: Who is that superman
David: They call him...the guzzler
Scott "The Guzzler": I could kick and guzzle a banana tree to death in under 60 seconds
Eitan: Oh Wow!
by theproofisinthepudding October 23, 2013
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1. A vehicle (typically an SUV) that consumes a large amount of gas.

2. An individual driving a guzzler.
1. "Dude, stop whining about gas prices and trade in your guzzler for a Prius."

2. "I was just about to grab a killer parking space, when some guzzler with a 'Palin for President' bumper sticker stole it fom me."
by Milk Balls July 01, 2012
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a bar shot that is "topped off" with the product of personal or sexual gratification.
Bill served the best guzzler last night.
by FiF10 December 16, 2005
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A co-worker or peer who brown noses and sucks so much cock to get to the top.
Ryan and Mr. Fung went fishing, just them two. You know what Ryan was up to. I guess thats why he earned the name The Guzzler.
by tyler dirden April 12, 2007
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a woman with nice big titties that's so huge they look like you can guzzle milk out of them.
man 1: look at that girl. i bet she got alot of milk in those.
man 2: hell yea. she got some guzzlers for sure.
by ThaEndIzNear July 25, 2009
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a woman that takes a cock deep down her thorat and gobbles up all the semen.
That girl is awesome bro. She is a root guzzler.
by gary shepard August 28, 2009
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