Term used by a 419 scammer to define himself.
i'm great great guymen ok
by Hoo Hoo Nick August 18, 2004
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A girl that makes each guy feel like she is in-love with you or makes it seem that you are really important to her but actually she has like 10 000 000 fuck buddies on the side
"yo man you know Sarah biggest guymanizer in the world"
"That fucking bitch is a guymanizer, i should of known"
"Dude i should of never fell for her shes a big fucking guymanizer"
by YourClosestFreind December 1, 2008
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A Man who is a top don, loved by many,

Has no enemies, no rivals, has Swag

Just the main man...
Just that Guy Man.
I am a GuyMan...
Izzy is the only GuyMan round here!
by JBThomas August 24, 2011
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