the amalgamation of gay and cute.
Dude that is so gute!
by gingernancy94 June 7, 2011
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Gute - The combination of both "gay" and "cute."
Ashley is gute, don't you agree?
by b-rad ndon October 25, 2006
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See slave,nub,and fob.
Gute is such a fob, he makes a great slave, what a nub....
by Master-O-Slaves August 31, 2003
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a person who pwnzz,
master of slaves,

he such a gute...
he GUTed us..
by evil-twinkers May 15, 2003
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owner of jevv the bird,aka jevv ondonkey
natural pwnzor..
your like a gute, wow

amazing you didnt even try to, but u did anyway.. thats like wow dude
by eviltwinkers August 15, 2004
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This annoying, quiet, untrustworthy, ungrateful, ignorant, indian ball sukin while curry sniffin BASTARD. Also, it plays waay too much G.B. (a korean game even tho hes indian), and speaks with this quiet, almost uninteligable indian accent. What kind of name is Gute anyway??
1.)Oh, look...its gute and hes playin G.B....wot a surprize...

2.)Gute can dance, dance...gute can dance!!
by Dr. Pwn May 11, 2004
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Pronounced The "Goot"

Steve Guttenberg. A popular comedic actor in the 1980s. Star of such films as 3 Men and a Baby and the Police Academy series.
Whatever happend to the Gute, man?
by jonthebold July 16, 2009
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