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The act of ones jaw vibrating, clenching or protruding. This happens whilst under the influence of various drugs such as MDMA, Ecstasy, Speed etc. The morning after gurning all evening is very painful, and this is how people ruin their teeth on drugs.

The person who is under the influence usually chews on gum to stop themselves clenching or to stop their constant chomping on their bare teeth.

Too much gurning can lock-up your jaw in which it cannot move at all.
"I was on a major gurn out last night, mate."

"I've fucked my teeth from gurning"
by Crumpits March 30, 2009
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Gurning started in 1267 in Cumbrian town called Egremont as part of the crab fair. The best gurners are people without teeth who can force their bottom lip over their nose, making breathing somewhat difficult. It is important to remember a champion gurner comes from the contrast of their normal face and their gurning face. This gives people of all types of face a good chance.

On a personal note gurning came to Blackheath London in 1995 when a gurning employee at our computer firm started practicing gurning computer monitors (a special branch of gurning known as marping). This cost the company in damaged monitors, but sparked interest in going to the gurning fair, and now we go every year for a relaxing few days in Cumbria. In recent years the gurning fair has been replaced by trips to pubs and tea rooms (:).
Gurn it good.
You old gurner you.
by Gurn Blanstone July 10, 2006
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The act of pulling your face into the most strange contortions while wearing a horse collar. Originated from the Egremont Crab fair, held yearly in a small fishing village, Egremont, in Cumbria, UK.
The best face doesn't often win these days, the old men and women do the best gurns, especially once their teeth have fallen out and they can get most of their nose completely inside their mouth (:)
A full face inversion is defined as when the lips completely cover the head.
"Did you see that old guy, he's wearing a champion gurn"
"He's a real old gurner, he's practically inside out!"
"Has anyone seen my monitor? Oh it's inside Mike's lips"
He's got the whole world .. in his gurn.
Gurned so much you can't see anything for spim juice!!
"oooops, I just marped a lifeboat"
"Gurn my face inside out, sport...."
"Oh No! Exclaimed Gurn Blanston. I have gone blind!"
"No", returned an innocent bystander,
"you have just done a full face inversion" (:)
by May Gurney July 05, 2006
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to gurn;gurning is when you have took ecstasy, cocaine or amphetamin which has resulted in your jaw moving from side to side 'rocking'. this is when you are gurning.
"wow, im gurning off that e' mate"
"check that gurner over there"
"your going to gurn in a minute"
by mr drug addiction September 02, 2008
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The act of clenching your jaw muscles toghether and grinding your teeth together whilst under the influence of either ecstasy or speed. Often alleviated by chewing gum; or more commonly these days, baby dummies. Magnesium can often help to looses the jaw bones and prevent teeth-grinding. In exceptional cases; like an xtc overdose, it is possible to have complete jawlock; where you physically cannot open your mouth (though this is rare).
'Man, I'm gurning tonnes tonight'

'Look at that bloke gurn'
by anonyMouse August 02, 2004
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Derogative slang term for a black person. Derived from the word gurney. Say gurney 10 times fast and listen to what it sounds like. Special because the gurns themselves do not know what it means.
Dude, all these gurns tried to jump me the other day. Stupid gurns
by Jack Mehoff October 22, 2004
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