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A gunslinger is someone who is amazing on their instrument, but not in a robotic way (like steve vai). A gunslinger has a natural affinity for their instrument and plays with lots of feeling. Most of their songs build up to ragged, improvised solos. Usually they can't read music and they're not very polished because they taught themselves. Even though they can't play the same thing twice, they stand as the kings of their instrument. They usually build their legend around live concerts. They carry a metaphorical gun, hence gunslinger.
The first gunslinger was Charlie Parker, and the quintessential/most famous gunslinger is Jimi Hendrix. The song Johnny B. goode is about a gunslinger
by penis2.0 August 29, 2008
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A smart show. Other reviews here are from stupid people, probably family guy fans. The show is based of off interaction between well developed characters. Dale, Hank, Bill, Peggy, Bobby, and many others are great characters, unlike peter or stewie. A lot of subtle satire, a great comedy.
(greatest king of the hill quote ever)
HANK: Now go start that report.
BOBBY: But which president should I... (Hank glares; Bobby sighs) ...Ronald Reagan.
by penis2.0 August 12, 2008
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A band of amazing awesomeness. These three brothers are so bitchin that they once blew up an entire city with their ROCK. When they play their completely not-gay, totally cool music, everyone orgasms. End of story.
I heard the jonas brothers have purity rings. I guess that means that they only suck dicks instead of taking them in the anus.
by penis2.0 August 12, 2008
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