Adjective used to describe someone who has just taken a dump and may or may not have a nasty asshole. If said dump is taken before going to bed, said person can be described as, "going to bed guns hot". Once said person takes a shower or rinses out their asshole, they are no longer considered "guns hot". It can also be a specific "red flag" or "deal breaker" for people who think it's gross: "I won't sleep with a guy if he's comin' at me guns hot!"
I just took a massive crap and now I'm walking around guns hot!!!
by AshKetchumsPubes March 15, 2016
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When a guy has not jacked off or had sex for a long time, therefore when he has sex he lasts a few pumps and jizzes.
Girl: What the fuck, why did you cum so fast?
Guy: Its been three goddamn weeks since we fucked, I was guns hot
by Charles Skellington October 10, 2011
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a term used to describe an engagement. When your guns are hot, youre shooting, so youre "going in for the kill" so to speak.
hayden - "see that fine bitch over there?"
me: -" yeah"
hayden: - 'im about to go guns hot on that skank."
by MurderCow September 25, 2012
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The process of putting a heating pad on your scrotum so your seman is above normal temperature.
Adam asked matt if he would like a hot gun matt's response was yes so adam placed a heating pad on his scrotum for 5 minutes then ejaculated on matt's chest and yelled Hot Gun.
by Lundidium April 19, 2017
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A firearm that can be linked to a violent crime through forensic evidence, particularly a homicide, and has no value on the black market.
If it was found in a river its defiantly a hot gun
by Heyitsj000 December 15, 2021
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