It is a metaphor for the senselessness of war, or of a specific battle which really didn't accomplish much, which is all just "guns and roses". Guns are the tools, and roses for the graves. Really quite simple. Apparently, the metaphor was completely lost on the fucking masses, who didn't gather the meaning by simply looking at the album art for Appetite for Destruction, which was littered with comic illustration of "alien invaders" raping and pillaging humanity.

I immediately understood this when I was introduced to the band AT THE AGE OF FIVE. I confirmed it with my father, who was the son of a veteran, a veteran himself, and a published poet with a master's in English.

Goddamn, I never saw brilliance in the name of the band. Honestly, they took it too far. But whatever, they made money. What shreds my soul is that people don't even REALIZE what the phrase means, and instead turns into a fucking GnR, Black Sabbath, and Bon Jovi?! pissing contest.
Did you hear about what happened at Gettysburg?

Yeah, tragic. It was all guns and roses.
by your real name apostrophe s October 8, 2018
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a gun used in defense of love.
He used his gun to protect his family.
by JesseJames January 10, 2005
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Any gun used for protection of another person {loved one) who gets killed as a result.
Shootout in Ruby Ridge resulted in the death of the gunman's wife.
by JesseJames January 10, 2005
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LOL!! tahts funnie, see guns n' roses this is the definition that people search for that dont know shit about gn'r and hate them.
person: i HATE guns and roses!
gn'r fan: nedver heard of them, i LOVE guns n' roses though!!!

get it..?
by Nik October 5, 2004
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well.....rock isnt about fags in spanmdex that do that little fucking retarded crab dance thing,and rock isnt about heaven....its about fucking whores drugs sex and satin!but anyways.....fuck gnr listen to black sabbath!
dude number 1 - dude you know that band guns and roses?
dude number 2-yeah........?
dude number 1-they rock!
dude number they dont you fucking shit kicker!
dude number 1-oh...okay....
by emin November 11, 2004
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The best band in the RockRoll history
Guns and Roses concert was the best of my life!!!
by elArgentino July 25, 2009
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Guns and Roses are an old band commonly mistaken for Bon jovi.
"Do you like Sweet Child of mine by Guns and Roses?"
"You mean Bon Jovi?"
"Oh yeah sorry, same thing. Silly me."
by Matt Stanley May 27, 2008
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