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(noun) A liquid drink served at the Phi Psi lodge at Cornell University especially during the 1970s. Used as a substitute for other decent drinks in order to save money for the house. Gunder was akin to Kool-aid, but somewhat thicker. It did not come in flavors, so much as it came in colors of which there were primarily two -- green and red.
The Brow's skin tone was the color of green gunder. Red cake goes well with a big glass of green gunder. My blood flows with green gunder.
by B.J. Cleaver December 13, 2004
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gay looking male (usually briefs) underwear, often containing pastel colors, obnoxious patterns, or rainbow stripes.

Cross between 'gay' and 'underwear'
1) I'd like to return this as I thought there would be 3 pairs of simple, solid color briefs, but I was shocked to find this pastel striped gunder hidden between the two pairs on the outside.

2) Man: Lemme flip the lights before we go any further.

Woman: why? are you wearing gunders?
by no one in particular really August 09, 2009
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