Means 'sugar' in Malay
Saya ingin kopi dengan gula yang berlebihan

'I'd like coffee with extra sugar'
by Tsugumi-san June 09, 2017
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1.-generally related to male on male butt sex.
very popular among the gay community, code word used amongst
older male homosexuals to indicate an open butthole. i.e "there is free gula in the alley"
2.-the recipient to a prison gang rape, usually in the shower, the big difference is a "gula" is actually willing... so it really isnt a gang rape. You can tell when its a "gula" usually when the recipient is spanking his own ass, as the shower sex is happening. Long term prisoners really appreciate a "Gula" in the shower.
1.-Oh my goodness, someone "gula-ed" my sheep last night, their buttholes are all worn out!
2.-I was walking to the park when I was offered some "Gula" in the bushes, so I took it, I never new male buttsex was so good till I had a "Gula"!!
by Bill Preston September 19, 2007
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In Mexico...Eating, not because you’re hungry, but just because you want to eat. Eating in excess.
Pauline keeps on eating, it’s just de gula”.
by Crowned December 03, 2017
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A hungarian food that is consumed by only the elite. It is a paprika based beef stew.
"Damn, i could really go for some gulas rn"
by Boni3 April 19, 2020
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worthy of great respect, love and understanding.
I could Gula her forever.
by Bonitaapple February 10, 2009
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