The act of making an unusual face while playing the guitar. The look typically resembles a look of pain, intense ecstacy, or sometimes even plain old gas.
Man, that solo was sweet but he had total guitar face going on.
by kingnuthin November 23, 2005
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The look on a guitar player's face while playing, usually looks like said person is using their instrument to masturbate.

John Mayer is notorious for this look...
"My God, I hope I never have guitar face"

"Wow, John Mayer sure has guitar face huh?"

"I mistook a John Mayer concert as a porno due to his excessive guitar face!"

"Man, you look like John Mayer with all that guitar face..."
by Andrew MS October 18, 2007
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A face that a guitar player makes when reaching the climax of a solo.
John Mayer has some crazy guitar face.
by Danny Stanton December 9, 2005
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A look of pain and pleasure when playing the guitar. This face can also be decribed when two are having sex
Dude look at John Mayer's guitar face

Girl: *during sex* What the hell is that?

Guy: Guitair face
by DizzyLizzy January 16, 2007
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A facial expression that is prevalent in almost every guitarist. Each face is unique and not one guitar face is the same as the other. It is basically like a finger print.
Chris has a unique guitar face. His mouth comes wide open like he is going to suck a penis or drool all over his chin when he starts to lock into a groove on his bass.
by Chris Kipp June 25, 2007
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The measure by which you can tell what a guitar player is like while making love by watching his facial expressions as he plays guitar.
You can tell he's good in bed, he has great guitar face!
by SicolaGal May 11, 2010
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the face you pull when you cry and moan as you play the blues, it could just be the pain of ripping your fingers open as you play with so much passion, its just a natural instinct to the feelin,
guitar face eye!
hey look at stevie rays grin!!!!
by paul hinton December 9, 2005
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