Someone who codes graphical user interfaces (GUI).
-Who is the person doing the new interfaces?
-Michou is the GUIne.
by NoWoL May 15, 2010
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derived from the word Penguin: an aquatic black and white bird with a bad temper and dislike for people.
Alex, Don't be such a guine.
Grace, stop your guining.
Jordan likes to guine.
by Fancy Pants Mcfee February 11, 2014
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Italiano Or Italiana, Basicaly The Best looking that Italian Americans Have to offer. I.E. Fucking Hot Italians, May or may not have an intelectual Base.

But God They Are So Hot!
Male/Italiano) Seth Cormier
Female/Italiana) Angela Rubino
by TAP February 16, 2004
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