When someone's actions displease your taste, they may become known to you as a guffy. Also used if said person is being weak or pathetic, or simply getting on your nerves.
That Alex is being a right guffbaw (guffy ball)
by JOHNNY FASHION January 12, 2018
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Original creator of nukezone, spends too much time with strange Canadians
ffs, wtf is guffy doing?
by ethiaa October 13, 2003
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A synonym for procrastination and lack of time or motivation to complete a task in the appropriate time.
Did you finish your paper? No, I did a guffy, but I'll finish it tomorrow!
by Azcan August 18, 2009
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the maker of nz, that doesn;t spend any time with strange canadians... ethiaa :P
www.nukezone.nu www.nukezone.info and more
by Ducktape January 07, 2005
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Guffy, derived from the term 'to be goofy' was officially made in Scotland. The term was first used in Firrhill High School by a product design class (2011) who described their teacher as goofy.

A Guffy is someone who tends to have a particular interest in nerdy television shows such as Doctor Who or sci-fi films such as Star Wars and Star Trek. Guffy's tend to wear un-ironed and non matching clothing complemented with a pair of thick lense glasses. Someone who owns both an iPhone and iPad and any other hi tech gadgets would be called a Guffy. Guffy's use very posh words and are pedantic about everything.
My teacher wears a brown shirt under a yellow jumper with brown trousers. He loves doctor who and even has the entire soundtrack on his phone. He uses his iPad at every possible opportunity and therefore, is a 'Guffy'.

Someone who likes to read books such as The Lord Of The Rings could also be branded a 'Guffy'.
by Scottish Guffy April 27, 2012
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