A sellout nickname, that of a rich wigger.
Gudd Unit is such a bitch now. Hes so fucking fake
by Please Killah October 22, 2003
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Word invented by the most g Dominican with a tape ever, Kristian Nunez(yes lady's he is taken by the most wonderful girl ever. then it was popularized by his most g best friend ever Nathalie Supulveda by taking out ay bay bay and putting in oh my gudd in the song.
im in the club hollin
oh my gudd
oh my gudd
oh my gudd
oh my gudd
oh my gudd
by i <3 vici January 14, 2008
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gudd is a replacement word for goat. goats/gudds are the most adorable angelic sweet amazingly precious animals, that will be your best friend for life. i have a goat named Moby (@mobygudd on instagram haha follow) and he is soooooo sweet. if you buy a goat there is a 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 percent chance you wont love it.
gudds are jesus
by WuddaGudda April 12, 2018
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He/She/it there is no limit. It is difficult to define as it can morf into different personas depending on its mood as well as situation. Often a "Gudde" can be mistaken for a "Astrid", due to their similariteas and shared traits such as "curvy", "slim", "can look mean", "brains and beauty", "Trustworthy friend".

However some describtions are mere myths, forexample "...also very intelligent in all that involves the arts such as music, drawing, design, dancing. To clearify: A Gudde has never been observed to successfully move its body to music.

Generaly it is a funny and relaxed person. Unfortunatly it is cursed with a voice that appears to be normal, but for some reason it will develop and reaveal a high-pitch, nasall tone that some people will find anoying.

If it starts to cough in a very intense matter you may think its having a attack and it cannot breath properly. Please keep calm. It is not dying. In fact rather the opposite, this is simply its way of laughing sometimes. It also enjoy pretending to be working in the medical field of some sorts and will even accessories itself with glasses as if it actullay needed them.

Common catchphrase that are often uttered by a Gudde are: "Eeee du dum eller?" "Idiot!" "huuuuuuuuuhghHUHUHU" (laughing)
Person: That was a very Gudde thing to do
Guy: Gudde as
by Jakeogfinn January 23, 2017
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