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The act of two people of the same sex fucking. Also known as gay sex.
Rob is gucking Jack up the ass right now. He'll come to the phone in a minute.
by JohnDoeSmith December 30, 2009
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The action of an erect penis being stimulated by deep-throat. Derived from the sound that is made, "Guck, guck, guck, guck".
Male 1 - "That girl totally blew me last night."
Male 2 - "I know, I could hear her gucking from my room"

Male - "Come on babe, suck this fat meat sword"
Female - "Guck, guck, guck, guck, guck, guck"
Male - "Oh yeah, here is comes"
Female - "Guck, guck, guck, guuuccckkk....."
by Gucking May 20, 2014
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When you get fucked by a goose or shove Gorgonzola up yo pussy
"He was gucking me so hard until I had to return him to the zoo."
"It felt so good getting gucked by the Gorgonzola, I decided to put some crackers up there too."
by Bird.And.Cheese.Fucker.69 September 26, 2017
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The autocorrect word for fucking but ducking means it’s hipster edgy

It’s more pg13

It’s an adjective to show how much you love something. It adds to the sentence like very.
It’s a meme
Yo i gucking love your dog
I am gucking edgy
via giphy
by Pebble44 June 06, 2018
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