When you do a typo. For exemple, when you want to write fuck but you do a typo and write guck. Because of this typo (that I make regularely) you call any typo a guck.
(chatting on MSN)

person 1: sorry... but i cant make it to your party

person 2: (very frustrated) what the guck!!!!!!!!

person 1: guck?????

person 2: fuck* sry bout that

person 1: dnt worry bout it bud i guck a lot 2

person 1: dont* lol
by kicknickinthenet November 19, 2007
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guck (n) / Goo that provokes one to express the word "yuck" when come to contact with it.
Anyone : "Eww, I just stepped in some guck. Yuck!"
by tarealist September 17, 2013
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The fatty layer that protrudes between a man's lower abdomen and upper genital area. This abnormal physical trait is usually found in obese men, regardless of age or race.

The male derivative of the word Gunt.

Short form for cock-gut.

Gut + Cock = Guck.

Also known as a Gick.
Most fat guy's cocks look smaller because they have a guck.

I can't properly measure my cock because my guck is in the way.

Luciano Pavarotti and B.B. King have big gucks.
by Chib Chakan September 16, 2005
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