nonsense or bullshit that someone is talking
man u need to squash all that noise, I ain't tryin to hear all that
by Moni September 17, 2003
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An extreme type of electronic music different to Noize. Noise is what it sounds like it is. Different layers and types of static which are put together to create a song structure. It can be painful to listen to.
Turn the Con-Dom up! I just love those strange noise bands!
by hallucinogene September 1, 2003
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Interchangeable for shit. Used often in the Jersey, NYC, and Philly area.
"Fuck all that noise"

"Yo, I fucked that girl last night"
"How was that noise"
"That noise was crazy"
by Alex Garf October 23, 2007
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Any music you hate.
Purely lyrical music without instrumentation is noise.
by January 13, 2019
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Noise can be a lot of things. But musically is a lot of different layers of static and feedback put together to make a sructured song.
Listen to Merzbow. He is the biggest noise artist around with hundreds of releases.
by Ismael Lopez December 14, 2004
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when a (small) dog makes a small squeakish or otherwise indescribable noise
herbie: *squirfhp*

you: look at herbie he noised !!
by the noiser April 11, 2021
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Your #1 stop for gape and banning Haino.
I don't want to go to #noise. That alain cunt keeps posting gape images.
by meltapple May 7, 2012
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