A South American fruit, from which the seeds are used to make stimulants, and for some medicinal purposes(but really, who isn't really taking it just to get a rush?). It contains 4 or 5% caffeine (coffee has about 1%) and is found in many energy drinks, and is also sold as a powder that is mixed into drinks.
after drinking all that coffee with guarana powder in it, i was up for days!
by dan July 15, 2004
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Guarana is the most potent form of caffeine in the known universe. It actually contains guaranine, which is a form of caffeine. Guaranine is slow acting, but is more potent and more powerful. It is used in many energy drinks, such as the greatest,

Guarana was used by Natives as a daily drink, which was made by grouding seeds and mixing it with water.
Guarana claims to be useful to enhance brain function. It is used with heavy exercise routines, to stay awake, and as a stimulant for physical and intellectual stress.
Guarana is hard to find other than in pills (energy/weighloss) or in energy drinks.
The bottle of bawls did more to keep me awake than coffee.
by Nemitor May 13, 2005
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guarana is a product that is made by taking from french speaking naked aboriginal natives from the rain forest that were speared by corporate barstewards while eating their croissants
god this guarana drink tastes so much better now i know it was stolen from sexy naked french speaking aboriginals from the amazon...
by slartibartfarst September 22, 2009
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When you poor an energy drink into a women's vagina and proceed to fuck it
Usually done in an attempt to gain both the drinks energy and the natural high of sex.
Can be performed via either penetration or oral of the minge.
Bro, I just poured my Red Bull on her moot and fucked her, it was the Guarana Gutter!

Evan and me Guarana Guttered a chick with some V at revs on the weekend, it was dope.
by BigBustlinBibby June 01, 2021
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A climbing plant that is common in Brazil. Grows red berries that contain a seed about the size of a coffee bean. A source of Guaranine, also known as Caffeine. Commonly found in tea and energy drinks, the seed can be ground into a powder-like substance which dissolves in liquid.
by VloneZone July 12, 2019
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