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A grown-up in the minority, finding themselves among younger people. Coined by Adrian Spies, writer of the Star Trek episode featuring a post-apocalyptic world where only teenagers survived.
It's a kid's game chiefly, but you can find grups playing too.
by Redrum Frank July 20, 2005
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1. an almost boyfriend. 2. a boy who you really like, and likes you, but arent going out yet because he wants to ask you out in a special way. 3. Husband-to-be:Fiance::Boyfriend-to-be:grup.
"So how are you and your Grup doing today?"
"My who?!"
"Your almost boyfriend."
"Oh. yeahh, hes a babe."
by thatonecoolgirl October 25, 2009
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Older person, usually a woman, who is very old and wishes that they were younger and therefore dresses as if they were a teenager or early twenties. This person will very often:

shop at stores that are meant for teens or early twenties
wears fake eyelashes
wears so much make-up, you could scrape it off with a knife to hide their many wrinkles
talks just like their daughter
That stupid grup has the same shirt as me.
by Anastasia Sacksteder January 20, 2007
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Accumulation of crumbs, dirt, dust, hair, fluff and other objects that accidentally fall between the keys of a computer keyboard.
Take the keyboard in front of you, turn it upside down and shake vigorously over your desk. The grup is right there in front of you.
by Korszun April 14, 2009
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