Soundgarden came from Seattle,the name "Soundgarden" came from a sculpture in a Seattle park. They were formed in 1984 NOT 1985.Chris Cornell was originally the drummer until they found Matt Cameron. They went on to making eight albums and some unreleased albums. They were not apart of grunge but they were pulled into the wave of grunge by critics and some fans (true fans know they were not apart of grunge).They went on to win two grammys for there "Superunknown" album at the 1994 Grammy awards for "Best Rock Album" and "Best Rock Song".They went onto make two more albums "Down on the Upside" and there farewell release "A-Side". They broke up April 9th 1997.
Soundgarden is the best band out of Seattle. Chris Cornell is HOT!
by Rachelle August 18, 2003
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Best fucking band ever, split up in 1997 lead singer now sings for audioslave
soundgarden kiks azz
by mmmmm cheeeseeeyyy February 29, 2004
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awesome grunge band from seattle. disbanded in 1996 but reformed recently.
by dude-im-cool-43 August 16, 2010
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horribly underrated band from the 90's.i know alot of people on here said that they weren't grunge,but out of all the other "grunge" bands,they seemed to hit the nail on the head the best IMO.all though they were heavily over shadowed by alice in chains and nirvana and such,i honestly think soundgarden is more talented than a problem??
you fuckin stupid ass AIC kids can sit there and bitch about how much you hate nirvana and kurt cobain,and how much you think they are better than them.while i sit back and play some real grunge,soundgarden
by y2c April 15, 2009
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A transcendant rock band that rode in on the fame of grunge but was not a real part of the genre, as they had actual talent. Soundgarden could turn guitar and drum into an four man orchestra that created some of the most haunting and intense music written this century. Undeniably skilled and creative, they have been dearly missed since they disbanded in 1997. The kind of band that comes along once or twice in a generation - made even better by the fact that most people don't appreciate them. The fans are real.
"Shadow face, blowing smoke and talking wind." - Tighter and Tighter
by Adfkjdf March 18, 2005
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Soundgarden was one of the most most successful and popular grunge bands of all time.

It was formed by drummer and vocalist Chris Cornell and bassist Hiro Yamamoto. They were also joined by guitarist Kim Thayil. Cornell later moved onto guitar and vocals when drummer Scott Sundquist joined the band, but was replaced 2 years later by Matt Cameron.

They survived through band member's leaving and being replaced, along with certain drug addictions. They broke up in 1997 after Chris Cornell began trying to leave their "heavy" sound that defined them. The final nail in the coffin was when bassist Ben Shepherd threw his bass and stormed off stage after equipment failure.

Though they were commonly overshadowed by Nirvana, Soundgarden was a pioneer of grunge music.
I wish bands like Soundgarden were still around.
by Peppeche January 8, 2008
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