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slang term for the act of defocating.
Dude! don't go in there... I just took a grumpy man!
by Ragnar October 24, 2002
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A turd left for someone else to find, either in an unflushed toilet or in a more creative location.
The manager made me stay late and clean up, so I left a grumpy in his desk drawer (or the sink, or the coffee maker, or the printer, etc.).
by OldOllie February 23, 2010
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act of dumping in toliet and not flushing, resulting in a pleasant surprise for the next user
I left a nice grumpy at my girlfriends house, it was classic.
by blahblah March 13, 2005
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1. An imaginary disease that causes one to be uncontrollably emotional.

2. A word used when you can't excuse your bitchy behavior with "I'm PMSing" because you used it a week and a half ago.
I'm sorry I snapped at you today, I just have a bad case of the grumpies.

by Evelynne November 30, 2007
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taking a poop that is so hard and tough that it is just pissed off on the way out
whew! that one was grumpy
by DelbyJ February 13, 2007
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