Generally a small grubby boy that resembles a pig both physically and in mannerisms. AKA a 'swinefart' Often found wallowing in their own filth.
"you are such mynhart"
"ugh! you are swiney little swinefart"
"you grubby little grubber"
by knowledge guru September 4, 2008
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A person usually from the North of England with few social graces and poor general hygiene. Someone who revels in a maintaining a grubby façade. Usually eats copious amounts of onions.
Doesn't John Prescott own that pig farm?

Yeah man, what a Grubber.
by Bolemadger January 8, 2011
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Verbe-To Gruber...very horrible bodily fonction,
he ate some expired ostriche eggs now he is grubering like anything...nastyfull
by pocket March 26, 2003
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Fag, one who eats the man cock, shampoos his hair with sperm.
by Frogkiller February 7, 2004
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One who is primarily focused on obtaining money at the expense of others.
Watch out for Phil, he's a money-grubber and will step all over you at work.
by loolum August 14, 2011
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Someone who feels the need to have a better score than anyone else in the known (and perhaps unknown) universe. If someone gets a higher score, the grade grubber seeks an immediate answer to the question of why s/he does not have the highest, bestest, prettiest score, most colorful star, or brightest happy face sticker, and thus proceeds to not shut up about it for 12 days until the next grade issue arises.
by hollyweirdo April 30, 2010
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a bottom-feeder, eater of the taint, lover of the gooch, dirty scoundrel
"yo melkie was tongue deep in her ass, a real grundle grubber!"
by shitty winston December 14, 2011
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