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That one group of people who keep on inviting you to a group chat and talk about useless stuff and basically just buzzes you phone all day but you can't leave because they just invite you back.
by Crumly mclovin February 04, 2015
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A prime example of hell. Satin only created this by mistake while he was wiping his ass using Samsungs latest flagship. Group chats aren't good for anything but bugging the shit out of innocent people and spam. Try to leave, you'll be added back unless the asshole who started it included an android. You're pretty much fucked unless you change your number.
Nick: "New group chats fam??"
Everyone else: "Fuck this shit"
Justin: "Insert spam here"
by JustinIsAnAsshole January 21, 2016
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When your roasting someone so good they have to leave and go cry like a baby
Did you hear how bad he was being roasted in the group chat
by BasketballAlexisBasketball October 09, 2016
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Where people rape each other day in and day out,too get the pleasure of suave which can also be goin din lemon squeezing in South Africa
by Stay in yo lane October 02, 2018
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