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A groundie is a portrait photograph taken when you lie on the floor/ground. It can either be taken by the person or by someone else using the floor as a background for the portrait. If its taken by yourself, then it can be considered a selfie groundie. Typically, groundies are usually taken to be posted on social network.
I posted a groundie of myself on facebook
by Jude Ugiomoh September 22, 2014
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When a potty topper (small dime sized poop niblet left to rot on one’s toilet seat cover overnight) eventually dries up and ejects from the toilet seat cover only to remain on the floor for the foreseeable future shriveling into a small dry ball a la a grape becoming a raisin
β€œHey man I saw your gnarly potty topper the other day, classy move to bite the bullet and sanitize the area.”

β€œNah bro you trippin, check the back left over by the pipes, we got a grade A groundie in this bitch.”
by Misterstitches December 04, 2019
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