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describing something gross, disgusting, or nasty.
That floor is fucking grott.

I can't believe you ate that...the cafeteria food is grott.
by adhc March 11, 2009
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Describes a man (usually a northern businessman) who has so much muscle he can barely close his arms.
Percy: Alex, are you a grott?
Alex: Yeah, people look at me and think "grott" because i can hardly close my arms. It helps also that i have business to take care of.
by griffygrott1 December 09, 2009
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When a man starts burrowing into an asshole first with his hands like a dog then sticks his face in it making the sounds "Om nom nom nom" like a rabid animal. After he makes a big opening, he sticks a rather large object like a bone, or animal, into the anus opening that eventually hangs out when the other person walks away leaving a saggy bottom and crooked walk.
Look at that dude limping. Naw man, see how his pants are hanging a little low, too? He MUST'VE gotten the grotts earlier.
by Chunky Luvr August 05, 2011
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