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ultra-hardcore wargamer (wargames - Advanced Squad Leader, Combat Mission, etc) Comes from French word that means "grumbler"
"Bob the Grognard likes to check his back yard for good hull-down spots for his imaginary tank"
by Smapdee May 06, 2003
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In D&D, a person who prefers an older edition to the newer one.
Gamer A:"After playing 4th edition for six months, our group decided to give it up and go back to 3.5."

Gamer B:"you're officially grognards now."
by guyjin March 09, 2009
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Playing a game (especially war games) with full reality settings - no cheats at all.
He plays Close Combat grognard.
by Dropbear November 26, 2003
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A. Pointing out inaccuracies in movies, writing, games, in regard to history, physics, or accepted canonical lore.

B. As a verb (grognarding) to describe the activity of A.
A. Did you see Game of Thrones last night? It was good except middle easterners would never wield katanas, and dragons don't fly like that, sorry to be a grognard about it.

B. We tried to watch 300, but Bill kept grognarding about how the Spartan armor was more like Athenian armor.
by Warlock May 15, 2016
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People that like overly complicated games.
Oh, Lego? He plays Dominions, so he must be a grognard.
by DNDfoot June 18, 2019
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