A common occurence in horror movies. It refers to someone that is naked and being killed in a horrific fashion.
Bruce: Have you seen the latest Friday the 13th?

Ash: Yeah, man. That movie is full of grisly bares.
by Compro61 October 01, 2011
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A Mama Grisly is a frighteningly ignorant Repugnicant or tea bagger political candidate. Proud of their ignorance and superficially attractive to some until they open their mouths and proudly spout ignorance and hatred in a self assured self confident self rigtheous spew. They are feckless leaders lacking in the qualifications, experience, temperment, substantive knowledge or inclination to obtain it to actually hold elective office.
Mama grisly candidates such as Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell continue their attempts to bring America into a state of total idiocracy unabashed by losses at the polls.
by jmspaesq November 04, 2010
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A large and extra stinky bowel movement that you break into a sweat taking. It is usually time consuming and you have to bite on a washcloth while taking it. This is fun for guys who have been drinking to joke about using a different sort of accent, usually proper British.
"Ryan was in the bathroom for a half an hour taking a grisly steamer."
"That grisly steamer almost had me calling 911."
"Shawn is still talking about a grisly steamer he took last year."
"If you want to repulse a guy and you're a girl, talk about taking a grisly steamer."
"That grisly steamer made me want to slap my mom."
by MadamexXx February 25, 2009
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like a dirty sanchez but you get a FULL beard.
your partner shits in thier hands and then rubs it all over your lower half of face and neck so you end up looking like grisly adams from the 70's tv show.
by beatbown bitch February 10, 2014
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