This is a word used by people who tend to be rubbish at a game and cannot defend themselves.
A 'griefer' is usually just another player going about their duties but come across c*ap players
by The random word adder January 24, 2019
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An annoying little twat who thinks he's being funny by purposefully being counter-productive in a game just to piss everyone off. Basically a pseudo-troll. But what this pseudo-troll doesn't realize is everyone in the room has reported him ages ago. But, hey, how else is he going to vent his sexual frustration?
This guy is a griefer. Let's report him and be done with it.
by 69Butts February 22, 2015
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The God's son, who keeps inconveniencing Twitch streamer and YouTuber DarkViperAU in his "chaos mod" playthroughs of GTA V. Continuesly getting spawned into the game by viewers, or just bad luck.
*DarkViperAU calmly playing GTA V with the chaos mod*, *Griefer Jesus gets spawned in* DarkViperAU: "Oh no! Griefer Jesus! He is going to kill me!"
by Mynameisgregor October 12, 2020
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A satirical version of the Christian god in Grand Theft Auto V wielding a railgun, operating a flying bike, or driving the player's vehicle. He is summoned at random or by choice in GTA V chaos mode with the intent of disrupting or "griefing" the player. Popularised by the streamer "DarkViperAu".

Etymology: Griefer (A player that intentionally ruins the game of others) + Jesus (the name of the Christian god)
The viewers on twitch summoned Griefer Jesus to troll on Matto.
by Rektz May 1, 2022
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When a player on GTA goes around and harasses and/or eliminates other players who are just there to grief everyone. An expression created by the beast that is CaptGingrBeard4
Ugh! This guy won’t leave me alone, where’s an anti-griefer when I need one!
by Consuela Banana Hammock February 4, 2018
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Someone who spends their time in a multiplayer video game intentionally ruining enjoyment for players that are too bad/incompetent/retarded to properly defend themselves.
Did you see that grif-griefer over there? I bet he lives in his mom’s basement.
by Fuzzy_OwO November 30, 2021
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Teaching a griefer a.k.a. a bitch his lesson and putting him in his place.
While I was just minding my own business and picking up some herbs, this fucking griefer came out of nowhere and killed me. Then, I killed him 5 times and I'm going to kill him until he parlays or leaves the session, or till I get bored because I am griefing a griefer!
by ELVIS1975T February 28, 2020
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