1) A popular medical drama wherein all major characters either

a- die

b- are critically injured

c- make abrupt and nonsensical decisions about their love lives and careers

2) Something you hate to love
"So what happened on the last episode of grey's anatomy?"

"The usual. Patients survived and doctors died."
by yoyo honey singh November 4, 2012
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"hey, did you watch grey's anatomy last night?"
"yea, shonda killed off everyone."
by greysanatomy24 February 3, 2019
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A television show that every woman in the continental United States never misses.
Girl 1: did you see Grey's Anatomy!
Girl 2: Yes, he slept with her AGAIN!
Girl 1: What was the surgery part again?
Girl 2: hehehe how should I know? Who watches this show for the medical part of it???
by Tickettotaxman December 1, 2006
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A show on ABC that focuses on interns at a Seattle hospital. Although it's supposedly a doctor show, it mostly focuses on the characters' love lives.
1: did you see the guy with the pole stuck through him on Grey's Anatomy last night?
2: no, I was only interested in what was going on between Meredith and Shepherd.
by the Jamie July 23, 2006
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a popular TV drama focusing on the lives of several doctors in a Seattle hospital....yes i thought it sounded hopelessly dull, but once you start watching you get hopelessly addicted to their love lives and start wishing that mcdreamy will please just get back with meredith. sheesh. but it's not just all that; if it was just some loserish soap opera i wouldnt have been interested; it focuses also on friendship, family issues, and moral dilemmas in the doctors' everyday jobs and surgeries. i'd say that i like watching the medical parts as much as the hooking up. also, excellent acting, even the minor roles and one-episode patients.
viewer 1: can patrick dempsey just please get back together with meredith??
viewer 2: Oh my gosh, that part about the elderly woman dying of cancer and both her and her spouse not wanting each other to know was so sweet and so sad. i really like grey's anatomy. it's surprisingly good.
by avid_fan January 13, 2007
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A medical-fetish orgy. In which 35 year olds posing as 22 year old interns take it in turns to have sex with each other.
Grey's anatomy takes the form of bold and the beautiful whilst posing as a medical drama.
by starky August 3, 2007
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A show that focuses on the love lives of doctors in a hospital. Extremely popular among teenyboppers.
Grey's anatomy is extremely popular among teenyboppers.
by Adrian December 23, 2006
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