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Grocery-related texting, usually between long-term-committed couples; sometimes replaces or supersedes sexting in a relationship. May contain inside jokes, produce-related innuendo and/or #metaphorsforlife.


- I'm at the farmers market. Want anything?

- How are the melons?

- Fresh and juicy. Same with the peaches. Do we have any courgettes at home?
- Yep. Very firm.

- I see some nice-sized pickles here.

- Leave the pickles. Bring your melons and peaches and hurry home.

- I'm coming!!!
She was late picking up the kids due to grexting with her husband.
by pbpbpb May 11, 2019
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The act of grinding and texting at the same time. You can inform the recipient they are being grexted or simply start the text with G:
I couldn't help it, Party in the USA came on mid text and I found myself grexting like a mad man....consider yourself lucky.
by cdop5 December 20, 2010
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